Visit to the South West

Had a nice couple of weeks holidaying in the South West, included a visit to Barbara Hepworth’s house in St Ives with it’s wonderful sculpture garden, with this fine example of her work.



New Gallery Images

I have updated the sites gallery section with new images from and home and abroad ….like this one in the London section…fashion will always find a way!




My home area Southend-on-Sea is rich in imagery whether its the beach, a football match or simply having a pint down the pub. I have refreshed the home page with some pictures I have taken so far this year. I aim to add more as I capture them, the style is english seaside and sexy essex mixed with some urban sprawl.



A cruise on a Thames Barge

This week I took a visitor from Australia on an evening River Blackwater cruise from Maldon, Essex on the 120 years old Thames Barge ‘Kitty’.  This picture shows three barges moored in Maldon at the time, their beautiful rust coloured red sails on wooden masts.



Visit to The Photography Show at the NEC

Spent all day Monday at The Photographers Show in Birmingham, where it’s mostly boring gear on show. However, my main purpose was to attend the talks given by Martin Parr (currently President of the Magnum Agency) and Simon Norfolk, a renowned photographer who recently brought out a book on his work in Afghanistan made in the footsteps of John Burke who photographed the Afgan wars in the late 1800’s. You can check these photographers out at and

I also met Marilyn Munroe in an awful wig and watched a great display of studio photography  – see images below…








The grim reaper

In Trafalgar Square yesterday a mass selfie by school kids on a field trip as the strangely suspended Grim Reaper looks on. Notice the young girl to the right to the frame, just after this (and sneaking a look the reapers cloak) she announced to the group that she knew how the trick was done  – much to the Reapers annoyance!



Window exhibit at Marina Kings

I have an exhibit of prints from my book ‘Out of Office – Images from a Travelling Salesman’  in the window of Marina Kings Optometrist, to be found opposite Chalkwell Park on the London Road. Thanks to Marina King and staff, especially Ruth, for  their support.








At the spectral wavelength of 570-590 NM Yellow is commonly associated with gold, wealth, sunshine, reason, happiness, optimism and pleasure, but also with envy, jealousy and betrayal. It plays an important part in Asian culture, particularly in China. In the West it is also the colour of ‘Health and Safety’ we see it on high viability jackets, road markings. Anywhere there is danger the colour yellow seems to be present.

It is in this context that yellow left an impression on me when I photographed a vacated factory building where the roof had recently collapsed.  Amide the debris health and safety ‘Yellow’ shone like a beacon of recent times when this factory was a hive of activity and the colour meant more than just a beautiful contrast on a sunny day in a collapsed building in South Essex.

You can see these images at