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Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele)

On the weekend of November 11, 2017, my nephew and I attended the 100-year anniversary remembrance service for the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele). We also visited the grave of my Dad’s brother William, killed at the age of 19 on 21 August 1917.   

A photographic record of the trip can be seen at

We will remember them.


Shu Ha Ri

Last week I attended a photography workshop which taught the practice of Shu Ha Ri, an ancient Japanese art of learning from the ‘Master’. In working through the process, I developed a style incorporating learning from a Master, resulting in experimentation with an approach to blurring reality with abstract street forms. A very radical departure from my usual street work so I would be very interested in any feedback. You can see the images here


Travels with my Aunt, Cousins, Sister, Niece etc.

I have just returned from a trip taking in the US west and east coasts, the major objective was to visit my family over there. I also took the opportunity to take some pictures of my more touristy activities. After visiting the country on so many business trips it was quite nice to have the time see famous landmarks, such as the Salk Institute (designed by the architect Louis Khan), Alcatraz and Golden Gate Park.   Those who know my images will be aware I tend to take pictures of locals and my fellow travellers as well as the landmarks. see the images on the website home page at

I hope you enjoy them.

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A few days in Rotterdam

The Rotterdam harbour district, flattened by bombing during the Second World War, left many open spaces ripe for development leading to numerous impressive buildings. Piet Blom, known as the ‘architect of the people’, designed one of the most important. Blom designed the housing development in the Spaansekade (Spanish Quay) Rotterdam Blaak district completed in 1984. The development, constructed as a series of hexagon cubes, consists of 268 apartments. The estate includes underground parking (with large plant pots employed for ventilation) and split level access. The frontage overlooks the harbour and outdoor cafes.

I decided to photograph the Spaansekade during one day and night focusing on the external structure and the human elements of the development. Also, I also took images of the nearby new Central Market, which is also an architectural masterpiece of light and, shade and space – not to mention delicious ready to eat food and fresh produce!

Both photo essays can be viewed here:

Article in online magazine

I have been testing a new Leica lens for an online magazine, you can see my report and the results at



Exhibition of Colombian Pictures

The UK’s premier Leica camera dealer, Red Dot Cameras, has an exhibition of images takenL1010774 during a trip to Colombia on show at their new shop in Goswell Street, London

If you are passing pop in and take a look.

Their address details are:

Red Dot Cameras Ltd
86 Goswell Road London EC1V 7DB
Tel:020 7490 8444


I have added a small selection of images from my trip to Colombia on



Visit to Hamburg





Here are two images of transient Hamburg residents.

The first is of a character called George, a Greek sailor who arrived at Hamburg Port some years ago and never left. He mostly busks for a living; the second is taken outside Hamburg Station in the Refugee reception center which is receiving hundreds of Syrian, Iraqi and Afghani refugees every day.

The refugees are either resettled in Hamburg and outlying districts or transited on to other settlement centers. The weekend I was there a train also carried around 1,500 refugees to Sweden. There are large reception tents all around Hamburg Station for feeding and clothing the refugees and also a Children’s kindergarten, you feel the effects of the afghan and middle eastern wars very strongly in an environment like this.  I traveled back home via Waterloo Station in London, the difference was remarkable, it felt like I had left a war zone to arrive in a totally normal place where the troubles of the world do not seem to have impacted life at all.

Rainy Day Photography

Although sometimes really good fun to photograph in the rain did not feel like it today and instead produced some abstracts in the studio…..see a few more at



Walkie-Talkie Building

My image of this Fenchurch Street building had been ‘starred’ on my stock site

Thought hideous by many it dwarfs the buildings around it and it’s shape and glass angles reflecting the sun has been known to catch cars alight parked in the street.