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A few days in Rotterdam

The Rotterdam harbour district, flattened by bombing during the Second World War, left many open spaces ripe for development leading to numerous impressive buildings. Piet Blom, known as the ‘architect of the people’, designed one of the most important. Blom designed the housing development in the Spaansekade (Spanish Quay) Rotterdam Blaak district completed in 1984. The development, constructed as a series of hexagon cubes, consists of 268 apartments. The estate includes underground parking (with large plant pots employed for ventilation) and split level access. The frontage overlooks the harbour and outdoor cafes.

I decided to photograph the Spaansekade during one day and night focusing on the external structure and the human elements of the development. Also, I also took images of the nearby new Central Market, which is also an architectural masterpiece of light and, shade and space – not to mention delicious ready to eat food and fresh produce!

Both photo essays can be viewed here: