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Visit to Hamburg





Here are two images of transient Hamburg residents.

The first is of a character called George, a Greek sailor who arrived at Hamburg Port some years ago and never left. He mostly busks for a living; the second is taken outside Hamburg Station in the Refugee reception center which is receiving hundreds of Syrian, Iraqi and Afghani refugees every day.

The refugees are either resettled in Hamburg and outlying districts or transited on to other settlement centers. The weekend I was there a train also carried around 1,500 refugees to Sweden. There are large reception tents all around Hamburg Station for feeding and clothing the refugees and also a Children’s kindergarten, you feel the effects of the afghan and middle eastern wars very strongly in an environment like this.  I traveled back home via Waterloo Station in London, the difference was remarkable, it felt like I had left a war zone to arrive in a totally normal place where the troubles of the world do not seem to have impacted life at all.